"Thank my Farmer" app connects coffee drinkers to the farmers who grow their beans

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New app will let consumers track their coffee bean all the way back to its roots — literally 

By Angela Garrity, Guest blogger

Technology keeps the world moving forward with where it takes us on the road of tomorrow. Every year, the world’s most innovative products are announced during CES and this year is no exception.

A pair of hands holding green and red coffee seeds that were just picked off of a coffee plant

IBM and Farmer Connect announced a new app at CES that uses blockchain to connect coffee drinkers to the farmers who grow the beans. The new “Thank My Farmer” app lets consumers support the farmer’s community and improve transparency from coffee sellers by tracking their cup of coffee all the way back to its roots — literally, Tech Republic announced.

The coffee supply chain has multiple steps that include harvesting, processing, packing, shipping, exporting/importing, blending, and roasting and each participant in the step of the process only tracks their link in the chain, making it difficult to track to source of the beans. Several organizations have established fair trade principles for growers, environmentally sensitive farming practices and fair wages for employees.

The new app will connect the coffee drinker to those involved across the industry including farmers, traders, roasters, and brands. The app uses an interactive map to tell the bean's origin story.

Founder and president of Farmer Connect, David Behrends, told Cointelegraph that the “Thank My Farmer” mobile app provides consumers with an interactive map to show the journey of their coffee by scanning a QR-code:

“After scanning a QR-code, consumers are taken straight to a product page that gives details about the coffee they are drinking. Below that description is an interactive map that shows the journey the coffee has taken. We say you can travel the world through a cup of coffee, and we’d like to help consumers visualize that.”

Slated to launch early this year, the app will allow Canadian and U.S. users to scan the QR code of their favorite coffee. As the app expands over the year, large and small companies will be welcome to join, and coffee drinkers will be able to support the communities where their coffee is grown by funding local projects.

The "Thank My Farmer" app is based on the IBM Food Trust platform

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