Tattoo artists are donating supplies to hospitals who need them

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CNN reports tattoo artists are stepping in to help healthcare workers in need

By Angela Garrity, Guest blogger

Everyone stepping up and doing their part for the greater good for humanity knows no limits right now. Health care workers are getting supplies donated to them from another industry finding themselves out of work, but still lending a hand to those who are on the frontlines — tattoo artists.

A tattoo artist giving someone a tattoo while wearing gloves and a mask

CNN reports that tattoo artists are passing their gloves and other protective gear to hospitals all over the nation, as the demand for medical supplies has skyrocketed over the past few weeks.

"Tattooers really understand the need for protective equipment," Michelle Myles, co-owner of Daredevil Tattoo in New York City, said to CNN. She donated her stock of gloves and masks.

"We already operate with an awareness of bloodborne pathogens and cross-contamination, and so we take a lot of precautions anyway in our day-to-day operations," she said.


Karri Henning, owner of Cloud Nine Southside Tattoo & Body Piercing Studio in Birmingham, Alabama, was contacted by a nurse practitioner from a nearby emergency department because they were already running out supplies.

"I got some masks and stuff together for her," Henning told CNN. "And I was like, 'What about these isolation gowns?' And she was like, 'Oh, my God, I didn't even think about you guys having those.' Perfect."

A close-up of a tattoo artist with blue gloves on giving someone a skull tattoo

Like the others, Henning didn't think twice about the cost of the goods she was giving away.

"It's monetarily nothing in comparison to the people's lives that are at stake," she said. "It's much more valuable that they be used by somebody who really needs them."

Rob Massimiano, president of the Alliance of Professional Tattooists, told CN he loves seeing his industry stepping in to help a nation desperately in need.

"I'm proud of my friends. It's a selfless act, because when it comes time to reopen, they will have to buy new supplies," Massimiano told CNN. "It's heartwarming to see people step up and do the right thing."

Buddy Wheeler, owner of two Tattoo Charlie's shops in Kentucky, donated all of his medical supplies to a hospital in Louisville and a hospital in Lexington.

"Both hospitals were extraordinarily thankful and gracious," Wheeler told CNN. "Actually, I got a call this morning from the Baptist hospital in Lexington thanking me again for bringing supplies and donating them yesterday. It's a good feeling to help out like that."

Tattoo artists are coming in clutch for the medical community right now and these selfless acts of action is what is going to help humanity heal.

Read the full article from CNN here.

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