Takeaway coffee isn't a thing in Italy and here's why

By Sierra Meisser — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Walk into a coffee shop anywhere in Europe, and you’ll have no trouble grabbing a coffee on the run…unless you’re in Italy. It turns out that most Italians stopping into their local coffee shop much rather enjoy their coffee right then and there at the counter instead of taking a coffee to-go, and the reasons why will have you wanting to do the same. 

  1. It's fast.

Chance is that if you’re wanting a cup of coffee, you got places to be and things to do. The time it takes to order an espresso shot, brew it, and down it all takes a matter of forty seconds, tops.

  1. It's a break.

Coffee is a ritual. So much so, that many of us throughout the world see enjoying a cup of coffee as a sacred thing. Instead of grabbing a cup and running, Italians relish in the interruption that getting a coffee offers. Coffee is seen as a chance to take a breath (and a sip) and enjoy a peaceful moment outside of an otherwise long day.

  1. It’s not too hot.

Compared to coffee culture in other countries, coffee in Italy is not served piping hot. Coffee is served cooled down at the right temperature, so you can drink immediately. No burnt tongue and no waiting game – how do you say no to that?

So, will Italy ever come around to takeaway coffee? Probably not. Italians say, “espresso is the only coffee we believe in”. It will be a long time until you see people on the streets of Italy with disposable coffee cups in hand.


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