How We Commit to Sustainability at Death Wish Coffee

By Abdullah Wali — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Death Wish Coffee Co. is going green both figuratively and literally with our brand new Stanley Mug. 


Despite our small size, sustainability is at the core of the Death Wish Coffee business. We recognize that while one person can make a difference, a product that goes into the homes of thousands can cause a ripple effect of change. This is why it is our commitment to you that we continue to work towards sustainability in every way we can. Here's what we're doing so far:  

1. Fair Trade and Organic Products- Not only do we want to deliver the best quality product, we want our coffee to be the change we hope to see. All of our products are certified organic and fair trade, meaning every cup you make came from workers who were paid a fair wage and beans that are free of synthetic additives like pesticides.

2. Recyclable Death Cups- It's no secret that plastic, single-serve coffee K-Cups have had serious environmental repercussions. Our newest Death Cups will be 100% compostable, reducing their impact significantly. 

3. Recycling at Our Facility- The husk that comes off of coffee beans when they are roasted is called chaff. Instead of discarding this byproduct, we typically give it away to local community gardens to use as mulch. 

4. Reducing Emissions Through Local Vendors- When making many of the apparel items and stickers that you know and love, we use local vendors to reduce our carbon footprint. 

5. Environmentally Conscious Employees- Whether it's through veganism, recycling, or reusable cookware, all of our employees have made a commitment to sustainability both in the workplace and in their lives. 

6. Encouraging You- It is our philosophy that coffee isn't just a drink, it's a lifestyle. With that, comes a responsibility to make sure that lifestyle only makes positive contributions (outside of alleviating pre-caffeine bad moods). This is why we are now offering custom Death Wish Stanley Mugs. This 100% reusable mug is BPA-free and holds drinks hot or cold 28 hours, meaning you never need a paper cup for your morning coffee again. 



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