Study: Drinking strong coffee makes your bones stronger, too

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Study links coffee drinking to higher bone mineral density

By Angela Garrity, Guest blogger

The benefits of consuming the magical bean we know and love just added yet another benefit to its huge list of reasons why drinking coffee is good for you. Make no bones about it, increased skeletal strength is the latest reason being reported by MDLinx, based on new research published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism (JCEM).

A skeleton shown drinking coffee straight from a Keurig coffee machine
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University of Hong Kong researchers discovered that coffee drinkers are more likely to have stronger bones than non-coffee drinkers. Specifically, they found a strong association between habitual coffee drinking and preventing bone fractures later in life. These results are significant because they counteract previous findings of coffee and bone health.

“Inconsistent associations between coffee consumption and bone mineral density (BMD) have been observed in epidemiological studies,” wrote the authors of the JCEM report. “Moreover, the relationship of bioactive components in coffee with BMD has not been studied.”

Researchers compared the bone mineral density of those who reported drinking coffee regularly with those who didn’t and found that daily coffee drinkers had significantly higher densities.

“For all those folks who drink lots of coffee and are concerned about the health effects of coffee, this is good news,” he said. “It appears to show that coffee is, in general, probably good for bone health.” 

Now, move your bag of bones over to the nearest coffee pot and have another mug. You can rest easy knowing your strong coffee habit is helping strengthen you from the inside out.

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