Stephen M. of Iowa comes to NY and Gets a Death Wish Coffee Tattoo

By Teah Teriele — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

WE HAVE THE BEST FANS. Seriously, you guys RULE. Shout out to all of you. Now, meet Stephen from Iowa!

First, we met Stephen, his lovely wife, and three awesome kids at Coffee Traders- the birthplace of Death Wish Coffee. We immediately recognized Stephen from the many pictures that he has posted online, as well as a Death Wish caricature of himself that sent to us to hang on our wall.


Since the Death Wish IPA is only available local to Upstate NY, we made sure we stopped by Saratoga City Tavern to give it a try.

Needlewurks is, by far and away, the best tattoo shop in the North East. When Stephen told us that he wanted a Death Wish tattoo, Needlewurks was the only shop we could imagine it happening. Since Stephen was only here for the day, we knew it had to be done today.

Billy Harrigan (right), known for custom, new-school designs and innovative color concepts, came up with a really cool coffee-stain style rendition of the original logo.

Stencil is on, let's do this.


We can still hardly believe it. WE LOVE OUR FANS! Thanks again to Saratoga Coffee Traders, City Tavern, Needlewurks, and of course, STEPHEN for making this happen.



What do you think of this? Tell us in the comments!

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