Spilled coffee is the next artistic masterpiece

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By Angela Garrity, Guest Blogger

When life gives lemons, you make lemonade, but when coffee gets spilled, you make art – which for some of us, might include the art of stringing together a whole bunch of cuss words as we wrestle with trying to clean it up.

Bob Ross taught us that we don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents when it comes to art. For some, this includes those who spill coffee on purpose – for art, of course.

Right brains, get ready because we are tapping the creative juices today – straight from the home kitchen studio. 

In this YouTube video, the artist known as ArtRightMeow shows us how she transforms her vision of stains from tea and coffee into a whole lot more than just a wet mess on paper. This imaginative venture is fun for all ages doesn’t require many tools and doesn’t require anyone to be a professional artist to bring their creation to life.

Think of it like looking at clouds and using your imagination to see what it is you see, but letting those shapes and figures come to life in the forms of stains and spills.

When it comes to artistic expression, there is no right or wrong way to create.

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