How to turn your video meetings into madness with these camera filters

By Jeff Ayers — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

How to add camera filters to your Microsoft Teams or Zoom Meeting

The 2020 worldwide coronavirus pandemic has left many of us isolated inside. For those of us that are able to continue to work from home, this means connecting to coworkers for meetings with video conferencing, like Microsoft Teams and Zoom. While these meetings can be a little challenging with different ways to connect, some people are finding ways to make them less tedious and more fun, thanks to Snapchat.

Recently, a woman made headlines because she went to an important meeting as... a potato. Lizet Ocampo, the Political Director at People for The American Way, turned herself into a potato using a camera filter, and couldn't figure out how to switch back. One of her employees took a screenshot of the image, and it quickly went viral (see photo above).

So I wanted to figure out how to do the same thing, and add some flavor to our video meetings here at Death Wish Coffee. I also wanted to find out the best way to turn it off so I too wouldn't get stuck as a potato, or worse, as Joe Exotic from the recent viral Netflix series, Tiger King.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to add filters to your Microsoft Team or Zoom meeting with Snap Camera:
  • Download Snap Camera - from Snachat. It is a free app for your computer found here:
  • Click Download, then on the next screen, scroll down to the user agreement, check YES, then enter your email.
  • Download the appropriate version - PC or MAC
  • Once you install the application, click on the gear icon at the top right of the Snap Camera
  • This will give you your settings, most importantly the camera which it is using — usually your built-in webcam, or whatever your default is
  • Also — I recommend scrolling down to the HOTKEYS section, and setting up a hotkey for 'turning lens on/off' This way you won't get stuck as a potato. I use 'option key + 1" but use something you can remember
  • Pick your favorite filter — I recommend any Tiger King filter, or the potato is super fun


For Microsoft Teams:​​​​​​​

  • Make sure you quit Teams and re-open after you have set up Snap Camera
  • Click your Teams icon in the upper right corner of Teams window
  • Click 'Settings'
  • Click 'Devices'
  • Scroll down to camera settings, and select Snap Camera in the drop-down menu

For Zoom:

  • Load Zoom and click your icon in the top right corner
  • Click 'settings'
  • Then click 'video'
  • Select Snap Camera in the drop-down menu

Once again, I would stress to play around with the Hot Keys section in Snap Camera. Click that gear icon in the app, and scroll down until you see the Hot Keys. Make sure you assign an easy command to remember for turning the filter effect on and off. 

This also works with Twitch, so all you gamers out there can add any snap camera effect to your streams. And follow us there — Death Wish Coffee on

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