What I learned from being Death Wish Coffee’s Social Media Manager

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Our Social Media Manager just quit and here's what she has to say

After over three years of customer service and social media management here at Death Wish Coffee, I, Sierra Meisser, am leaving the company to move to sunny Florida! Here are a few of the secrets I’ve learned along the way from being the wizard behind the curtain of Death Wish Coffee’s social media channels. 

Death Wish Employees laughing on bean bags

The definition of community is changing.

The veil between everyday life and our online reality is lifting and we can no longer separate the two worlds. That's sometimes frightening, and in the right conditions, it’s exciting! Social media’s most powerful capability is to build a community and spread its message — a power to be used for good or evil. I love the Death Wish Coffee Company Community for always using this power for greatness, supporting each other, and helping others. 

In any Facebook group, you can form fully-supported friendships with people across the world or just across town. Oh, you like strong coffee and listening to heavy metal when you work out in the morning? And by work out you really mean excessively head-banging while freaking out the neighbors? AND you like vikings, spooky sh*t, and science!? Cool, ME TOO. And so do these 7,000 other people. Join us. 

Roses are red, / I wish I was in bed, / I such at poetry, / Coffee.

A little cynicism in the morning can really brighten your day.

The Internet is where you go to breed your weird interests and freaky beliefs (mine currently being Florida native plants and astrology), and memes are that breeding ground's beautiful love child. It turns out that a short, sometimes snarky statement like “I need a coffee, a tattoo, and a vacation”, in some strange way, has the potential to make millions of people smile. Being able to laugh off your inconveniences and make fun of yourself a little bit can lighten the load you carry (this is not a poop joke unless you want it to be). 

One of the most accessible ways to add sustainability to your lifestyle is through your coffee. 

I can’t pretend that living a life of sustainability and giving back to the environment is an easy one. It certainly doesn’t help that organic and sustainable products sometimes feel more like a marketing schtick accessible only to those with expendable income. What I’ve discovered here is that that one of the easiest ways to introduce eco-friendly habits into your daily routine is through your coffee habit. And once sustainability is habitual, it makes you feel good. Really, really good. 

Reuse your coffee grounds in your garden, your compost, and your skin care routine. Get that cool travel mug and challenge yourself to bring it everywhere. You’ll probably get a bunch of compliments on it and I promise you’ll never want to be without it by your side again. Don’t feel bad asking the barista to brew your latte into your reusable mug; they don't mind. Get your coffee in bulk or larger bags. Share your new practices with your friends and family. 


For me, it all comes back to one core value. Whatever you put out there is what you attract—in all things and especially during time spent on social media. So, use your platform to shell out the good vibes, fight the bad guys, and show the world who you are. And don’t forget to take a break from the infinite scroll, enjoy a hot cup of coffee, and maybe move to Florida. 

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