Science says you should serve coffee in every meeting

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

To bring out the best in your next meeting, serve coffee

When it comes to work, there's really nothing worse than having to go to a meeting that could have been summed up in an email. Unfortunately, though, we really don't have a choice. We do have a choice, though, to bring a fresh cup of coffee into our meetings to help make them a little more bearable. 

And according to science, we should have coffee in all of our work meetings. Thanks, science. 

According to the Journal of Pharmacology, serving coffee at a meeting can help focus group discussion, boost involvement, and help people feel better about participating. 

This same study also concluded that coffee can help us like our coworkers more, and it totally makes sense that this means more productive meetings, too. In the study, group participants who drank coffee before discussing a topic had more positive feedback of the discussion and a more focused conversation overall. 

The reason? Caffeine, obviously. Caffeine makes us more alert, and staying alert and focused is a vital aspect of group work. In the study, those who had caffeine said they felt that they contributed more meaningful discussion points.

If you have to tolerate a two-hour meeting, it's best to have coffee with you. Or to be safe, keep a coffee with you at all times — you might even be able to have it delivered by drone.

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