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By Angela Garrity, Guest Blogger

Could the days of the shared office coffee maker be over? Maybe.

The future is certainly hard to predict these days, but a lot of people are continuing to work from home and will be doing so for at least the foreseeable future during the COVID-19 pandemic. There isn’t much activity going on in what used to be body-filled spaces, and the traditional kitchen coffee makers in the workplace likely haven’t been used in months.

Barista dispensing coffee into a mug

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Most employees who are spending in-person time at the office have turned to bringing their own coffee from home via their favorite tumbler, while the rest have shifted to keeping stockpiles of coffee just a few steps away from their home office.

When this is all over, not only should co-workers continue to stay six feet away from each other, but perhaps even the landscape of coffee will change forever. Can we imagine cold brew being available year-round in an open area vending machine, much like the soda and snacks easily found in them today? Well, it might just become a reality as employers rethink their coffee supplies when reopening the office. (How about trying our new single-serve pour-over pouches?)

According to Poynter, “There are a couple of factors at work. Some employers see the pandemic as a way to shift the cost of coffee to the workers, so they are moving to coffee vending machines. And there is a health component to this. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urges employers to block off shared spaces and ‘replace high-touch communal items, such as coffee pots, water coolers, and bulk snacks, with alternatives such as prepackaged, single-serving items.’”

Coffee is going to change the world. As the world changes, so will the traditional coffee maker space at the office. We just need to wait for that to come to fruition.

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