Why roasting coffee in small batches is best

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

What is small batch coffee and why does it matter? 

Here at Death Wish Coffee Company, we like our coffee like Wendy's like their beef: Fresh as hell. 

There's a lot that goes into having the freshest coffee possible, including how you store it, your preferred brewing method, and if you grind your beans yourself. But let's take a step back to what happens before you have a bag of Death Wish Coffee in your hands. 

Death Wish Coffee gives you the freshest cup of coffee in the morning because it's small batch roasted. But why should you care? If you want the tastiest cup of coffee possible and the most consistent roast, that's why.

Small batch roasting ensures quality and consistency, and gives it a fresh taste that is second to none. We roast less than 65 pounds per batch by a team of master coffee roasters right at our headquarters in upstate New York.

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Other coffee companies across the country are embracing small batch roasting, and their brews are nothing short of delicious. 

Here are some other coffee companies who roast in small batches: 

KLLR Coffee, Oklahoma City, OK

This coffee company in Oklahoma City has a two-person roasting team making a variety of small batch, super-specific roasts. They have Ethiopian blends, an Espresso blend, a small batch blend, and more. Their small batch blend rotates based on whatever coffee that they find in smaller quantities. Right now, it's Kenya Ndiani. 

Panther Coffee, Miami, FL

Panther Coffee is a Miami-based specialty roaster that specializes in small-batch roasting. It has an East Coast Espresso, a West Coast Espresso, and a cold brew blend, as well as blends from El Salvador, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Bolivia, Burundi, and Brazil. 

Tandem Coffee, Portland, ME

Tandem Coffee is run by Kathleen and Will Pratt, and their extra small batch-roasted coffees are rotated in and out. The offer subscriptions for a coffee and vinyl club (SO COOL), espresso, kinda dark, and decaf (if you're into that sort of thing). Right now, they also have coffees from Huila, Colombia and Huehuetenango, Guatemala. 

Barnie's Coffee & Tea Co., Winter Park, FL

Barnie's Coffee & Tea started in 1980 and has won multiple international coffee competitions for its flavored and single-origin coffee. It has TONS of different flavors ranging from Orange Creamsicle and Coconut Mint to Rich Roasted Hazelnut and Peanut Butter & Jelly. If you're looking for some flavor, search no further.

When you have any of these delicious brews, make sure you store them properly! Even though coffee doesn't technically go bad, the taste will become stale, and it's recommended to drink it within two weeks of purchasing. Let's be real — a bag of coffee won't last you that long anyways. 

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