Customers create their own drinks at River Perk in Wetumpka, AL

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

At River Perk in Wetumpka, Alabama, customers can create their own drinks — from a Spicy Mexican drink made with Mayan chocolate and Death Wish with espresso to coffee-inspired milkshakes, River Perk has it all. 

"We don't have standard flavors," Savannah Dart, the barista, said. "We like our guests to create their own drinks because every guest is different." 

River Perk opened in 2015 and is in the heart of Wetumpka, which was recently named a Main Street Alabama city for its economic development. It serves Death Wish coffee daily, including Death Cups. 

The coffee shop also does whatever it can to give back to its 8,220-person community. Last summer, River Perk hosted Riki Rachtman, Lea Vendetta, and Riki's Ride as they make their way through Alabama. Riki's Ride traveled the country to raise money Stop Soldier Suicide, a veteran organization that provides mental health counseling, housing assistance, emergency financial aid, alternative therapies, and more.

"We truly believe in giving back. It's really important for us to do good," Dart, who is from a military family, said. "And our soldiers put their lives on the line for us each and every day. They come back, and you  don’t even see their wounds. But they’re there. We don't know what they see — and sometimes they aren't even allowed to talk about it. I think this particular cause is important to show people that this is happening, so let’s find a way to help them.”

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