The Open Road and Riki Rachtman

By John Swedish — / Death Wish Coffee Blog


A few months back we were introduced to Riki Rachtman through a twitter post.  


We knew who Riki was, however, what we didn't know was that he was already a Death Wish Coffee drinker and fan.



I had reached out to him and through the course of our conversations we began to discuss Riki's Ride. What is Riki's Ride?  The concept is cool and unique.

He will ride his Harley Davidson 8,000 miles circling the entire United States including stops in Canada and Mexico. The idea is completely organic! It's a true grass roots effort to engage you and reveal those local hidden gems.  He wants you to tell him where to go via social media.  The cool thing is he records his entire trip, provides live updates, and will even review the places you've sent him to.  It is entirely interactive.  Play along and tell Riki where to go!!!!  You may even get to meet him and get some cool Death Wish gear.

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