We asked people what Random Acts of Kindness they've experienced and here's what they said

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Happy National Random Act of Kindness Day!

No matter how much you like to say you're a curmudgeon, experiencing a Random Act of Kindness feels pretty damn good — and it feels even better to do one yourself. 

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We wanted to celebrate National Random Act of Kindness Day by asking our social media audience what good acts they've experienced lately. The results will make even your cold, dark heart feel all warm and mushy inside. 

If you're inspired, go out today (or literally any other day to keep the kindness rollin') and do something good for someone else — like buying someone a cup of coffee, shoveling someone's sidewalk, or simply stopping and asking a coworker how their day is going. 



 The kind neighbor

"My neighbor noticed a package left in the rain. He took it inside, left us a note, and was waiting by his door when we got home. When I thanked him, he said: 'it’s what neighbors do, and I know you’d do the same for me.'" — Jay Eldred (The Larch) (@jaypeldred)

Taking care of your community's first responders

"The local EMT’s ordered take out for their crew, I paid their tab." — Gary (@GaryV_EMPA

The caring pharmacist

"I couldn't afford my medication for my blood thinners and anxiety issues and the pharmacist said that I could pay for them at the end of the month when I get my disability insurance cheque. Almost unheard of these days. I was nearly in tears." — Jim May (@JimMay99980521)


The kind neighbor x2

"Someone brought my garbage bin in, 2x in the last month." — TracyO333 (@TracyO333)

The friendly waitress

"Waitress saw I was having a bad day as soon as I walked in and gave me a drink on the house" — Jessie Koehler (@JessieKoehler)

The thoughtful Cub Scout Troop

"My kids, along with their Cub scout troop, delivered goodie bags to local elderly, firefighters, and the police station." — Payne Stoneback (@PayneStoneback


"Working at this gas station has restored my faith in humanity."

"All of our neighbors came out."

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"The smallest words of acknowledgment..."

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"I was so glad that someone reached out to her when I couldn't get to her fast enough."

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"Death Wish makes families stronger."

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"A young man with young kids paid for my takeout lunch." 

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Feeling inspired? Grab a cup of coffee, get out there and pay it forward.

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