Here are 10 funny videos of how people are handling quarantine

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Our favorite videos of what people are doing in quarantine

What have you resorted to doing while being trapped at home? If you think you've run out of things to do, think again. 

From finding various ways to coping with working from home (including finding ways to avoid it) to playing games with pets, these people are doing it right.

A meme showing someone working from home in pajamas

We took the videos we've been sending each other constantly while working from home and want to share them with you. So sit back, relax, and get ready to laugh your ass off. 

1. Attempting the watermelon challenge 

 Have a watermelon? Instead of eating it like a normal person, try putting hundreds of rubber bands on it to see how many it takes to explode.

2. Staging prime time interviews.... with themselves

When you get fully dressed during quarantine, you deserve 15 min of fame. 

3. Spending way too much time with their pets  


Working from home be like 😴 ##pupsoftiktok ##fyp ##goldenretriever ##puppy ##dontbesuspicious ##workfromhome ##lifeathome ##sleepypup

♬ Don't be suspicious - dumbbishsauce

Working from home is really hard for a dog, OK? 

4. Taking last-minute work calls during happy hour  


Ughhhhh I hate working from home @chicks (ig: Carlyjcscott)

♬ crimewave by crystal castles - kermishy

"I know it's last minute, but I really appreciate you taking this call." *chugs wine*

5. Recreating the Brady Bunch theme song with their coworkers


Working from home is going great, why do you ask? ##usatoday ##happyathome

♬ The Brady Bunch - Theme - Dominik Hauser

My favorite coworker's name? George Glass.

6. Trying not to lose their minds while working from home 


I’ve been working from home for 13+ years so I know the struggle well ❤️😭 You’re not alone! Make a daily schedule, workout, shower and take breaks!

♬ original sound - gods

7. Creating inspirational work from home guides 


here are some helpful Work from Home Tips ##lifeathome ##workfromhome

♬ original sound - jordypizza

Keep practicing those water cooler jokes!

8. ... Or avoiding working from home altogether


Me working from home: Day 2

♬ original sound - Joshmadj

"Whoops, sorry, my internet connection is bad so I can't be on video."

9. Pissing off their neighbors 

Oh man, Karen next door is NOT going to be happy.

10. Again, spending WAY TOO MUCH TIME with their pets  

  That cat seems like a sore loser, imo. 

What're you doing at home to keep yourself occupied? Tag us on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

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