There's a new Pumpkin Queen in town 🎃

By Sierra Meisser — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Here's who won our giveaways this week

Every week, we launch a new round of giveaways. From upcoming releases and one-of-a-kind items to the classics, every week is a new chance to go home with some radical coffee gear from the world's strongest coffee.

The second week of our Cauldron-aged Pumpkin Coffee giveaway is in the bag, and we've drawn another winner from the witch hat. You might be wondering why we're running a giveaway for our fall blend in mid-august. You also might be wondering why we've hopped on the pumpkin-spice trend. Let me explain. 

After simmering our homemade chai recipe and mixing the batch with the unroasted coffee beans and letting them age for 10-12 days, these pumpkin-infused beans will have you questioning your values. Then, before you know it, you'll be rocking those fuzzy slipper boots the teens think are cool and you'll hate yourself for how much you now love pumpkin coffee. Your friends will call you "basic" before they even realize that the same thing is about to happen to them. 

Congratulations Kristen Simkins, you're this week's winner of Cauldron-aged Pumpkin Coffee! 


Okay, so maybe you really don't like pumpkin spice. That's fine. You're wrong, but we still love you and it's fine. I'M FINE. That's why we draw a weekly winner for a free month's supply of Death Wish Coffee every Friday.

This week's winner of free coffee for a month and a handcrafted mug is David Winters!

The giveaways don't end there. We just launched a fresh sweepstakes for our upcoming Labor Day Mug Set and a pound of coffee. Check out every giveaway we have rolling right now on our contest page


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