YouTuber Mark Rober teams up with Macaulay Culkin to troll porch thieves "Home Alone" style

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YouTuber Mark Rober teams up with "Home Alone" actor to catch porch thieves

By Angela Garrity, Guest blogger

Trolling porch thieves, it’s what’s for Christmas this year. This holiday, some were able to give the gift that keeps on giving – the gift of revenge, on dreaded porch pirates.

A screenshot of a man putting a glitter bomb on a front porch with the caption "Glitter Bomb Bait Package 2.0"
Photo: YouTube

Homeowners and victims no more can thank YouTuber and former NASA engineer Mark Rober teamed up with actor Macaulay Culkin to unleash their own elements of surprise on thieves with a serious case of Grinchyness. The enticing packages were devices that contain biodegradable glitter, GPS tracking, stink spray, a countdown sound effect, fake police chatter, and cameras. Plenty of Home Alone references were included, naturally.

Mark Rober was a victim of package theft himself a year and half ago. He was saddened over lack of police action, even with video surveillance showing full details of the crime.

He drew inspiration from the character Kevin McCallister in Home Alone, played by Culkin, to create a bait package that some “Filthy Animals” simply couldn’t resist. With assistance from Culkin and a friend, Rober created a new design this year and left them on random porches across the country.

Don’t lose hope for the Holidays so quickly. There are good people in the world. Some were rewarded with cash over their acts of honesty by returning the packages to the rightful owners.

Porch pirates be warned – someone is watching and seeking revenge on these devious acts.

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