You can spend the night on a real pirate ship

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By Angela Garrity, Guest Blogger

Avast Ye scallywag and feast yer eyes on this bit of booty. You can rent a pirate ship on Airbnb for your next adventure with your best mateys. Let’s hope everyone has their sea legs before casting off in pursuit of this coffer.

Inner Splendor reports this 65-foot beauty can be rented on the Mississippi River for $300 a night for up to six buccaneers but can hold up to 20 for an extra $200 for any number of skulls over six. Board the vessel less than five minutes from Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

The pirate ship “comes equipped with costumes so that you can get into character, a fake skeleton hanging from the mast, a gangplank with which you can set on board, and a steering wheel” according to the article. It also is suited for the modern age and comes with a kitchen, shower, bath, fireplace, dining table, seating area, two bedrooms, central air, and wi-fi. Onboard the ship via gangplank, of course.

Remember, this is a pirate ship. There is no crew on board and the ship stays mainly dock-side. Roughing it is part of the experience, but apparently this isn’t a place for everyone, and the Airbnb rental is posted with mandatory information that states, “While we clean the decks and make the beds with fresh sheets it’s a pirate ship! We don’t tolerate pissy bitchy people who may complain about dust and locks, spider webs, and ladders. You have to step over water, go straight up ladders and shimmy around tight spots. The top deck gets wet when it rains. There’s noises. If you don’t like it upon arrival, please leave. No hard feelings matey.”

I know how I want to spend my Pieces of Eight.

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