Ozzy Osbourne to get his own biopic

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By Angela Garrity, Guest Blogger

One of the most powerful love stories of the past several decades is being made into a biopic, all thanks to the shared love of rock and roll.

The Osbourne’s have been married since 1982, but the road leading here hasn’t always been an easy one.

Sharon began managing both the Prince of Darkness’s solo career and his heart in 1979. She was instrumental in helping Ozzy launch a successful career, despite all the changes happening around them both.

NME states, “Ozzy Osbourne‘s son Jack has confirmed that a biopic focusing on the Prince of Darkness’ early solo career and his relationship with wife Sharon is still in development.

“There is absolutely things in motion right now to make that a reality,” Jack said during an appearance on The Jasta Show, while in lockdown.”

Just say when, Jack. We’re ready and can’t wait for this one!

The article goes on to explain that “A potential biopic was initially mooted in 2019, when Sharon told Variety she was developing a film about her life with Ozzy.

“I don’t want to do another rock and roll, sex, drugs and money movie about a musician,” Sharon said at the time. “That’s not what I’m doing. There hasn’t been a movie about a woman that actually works on the management side — that’s a true story — and somebody that succeeds through the struggle and you come out the other side.”

Sharon and Ozzy have a lifetime of legacies they’ve built around them - both together and on their own. Power couple, indeed.

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