Our favorite holiday movie moments

By Jeff Ayers — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Each year when the holiday season starts we start watching our favorite holiday movies. There are so many iconic and classic films to choose from, we start watching earlier and earlier each year just so we can watch them all. I'm sure some of these are your favorites, but let us know if we forgot any. 

We also turned some of our favorite moments in to GIFs you can share by searching for "death wish coffee holidays" from our Giphy account. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!



Let's just end the debate once and for all—"Die Hard" is a Christmas movie. It's clearly set around the holiday season with John McClaine's wife having her holiday office party featuring multiple Christmas trees. Plus, how can you forget the iconic line, "Now I have a machine gun! Ho-Ho-Ho!" And yeah, we made one for that moment too because it's the perfect GIF to share when you get what you want.


It's hard to believe that "Elf" only came out in 2003 because it is just that classic. So many amazing moments: When Buddy the Elf leaves to go find his dad and says goodbye to the narwhal, when Buddy shows the family how he eats spaghetti, or when he sings along with Jovie in the bathroom at Gimbles.


One of the most iconic lines in the whole movie is when Buddy meets the in-store Santa and is enraged because he KNOWS that it isn't the real Santa. Making it the perfect GIF to share to anyone who might not be telling you the whole truth. Also, we obviously know that Buddy really did know Santa, because he made sure to let everyone know:



In what might be the most perfect depiction of dealing with the holiday season alongside your family, "Christmas Vacation" is one of the most quotable movies of all time, not just at Christmas. 


Cousin Eddie says it all, and sure does his best to get under Clark's skin throughout the whole visit. When you watch this movie, do you say all the quotes aloud to your TV, or is that just us?


It seems like every year there is a new version of the classic tale "A Christmas Carol" but our seminal favorite is this version starring the iconic Bill Murray. The cast is a perfect storm of some of the funniest people working in movies in the 80s, including Carol Kane, Bobcat Goldthwait, John Glover, and Robert freakin Goulet! If you have never seen this classic we recommend streaming this immediately before you become like Scrooge and forget the true meaning of the season.


While there are a ton of Christmas movies to choose from, there aren't that many surrounding the holiday of Chanukah, so Adam Sandler stepped up to create this animated classic. From all of his funny voices to the true heartfelt journey his main character Davey goes through, this movie can warm even the coldest of hearts. Plus, the songs are all peak Adam Sandler including an updated version of his classic Hanukkah song.



We found these random holiday moments and have absolutely no idea where they came fromso we obviously made them into GIFs. If you've seen these hilarious moments in movies let us know!



Plenty of more holiday themed GIFs on our Giphy page - check em out and share the joy this holiday season!

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