This Is What The Old Man Winter Mug Sounds Like... Sort Of

By Jeff Ayers — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

At Death Wish Coffee, we are excited every year to design and release new collectible mugs. We work together with the incredible staff at Deneen Pottery to create some iconic vessels for your caffeinated dark brew

The imagery is put in place, the mugs are meticulously hand thrown in clay and glazed, but what would the mugs sound like? Each one has an interesting backstory, so we thought it might be fun to imagine a playlist to go along with the mug. 

This year, our winter release is loving titled "Old Man Winter" and depicts a bearded spirit of the sky blowing the steam from his cup of coffee, creating clouds of snow over a tiny picturesque town. A few songs come to mind when gazing at this image, so here is a fun list of some Old Man Winter themed tunes.


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Watch this video:

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