The stuff you NEED this November

By Megan Dority — / Death Wish Coffee Blog


You might be asking yourself, how the heck is it already November? On the bright side, we only have a few months left of 2020. November is the month that really gets us in the holiday spirit because Thanksgiving means Christmas is right around the corner. If you're already stressing about gift ideas, have no fear! We’ll have a full Holiday Gift Guide coming your way soon. In the meantime, here’s a peek into what’s new this November. Some of these gifts might even be the perfect distraction for your dreaded Thanksgiving dinner at your in-laws.


The perfect pair to put you in a caffeinated trance that you’ll never snap out of—well, at least until the candle burns out. Start your fire with our limited edition Harvester of Souls Zippo lighter. Each lighter is numbered out of 1500, so it’ll make you feel extra exclusive.

The candle is a blend of the most delicious spices, and the world’s strongest roasted beans, making it the perfect Thanksgiving table centerpiece. Better yet, the customizable candle box makes it an easy gift to give someone in need of a morning pick-me-up, or give it to yourself as a proclamation for getting sh*t done.

Woman wearing a Death Wish face mask that reads: "Coffee Breath Cover"


Wave bad breath buh-bye and keep your relatives at ease with our coffee breath cover. One of the best parts about wearing a mask? Saying whatever the f*ck you want in front of your mother-in-law without her ever knowing it’s you. Plus, it’s probably time to replace that mask you bought back in March.

Woman wearing a Death Wish Coffee t-shirt walking through a cemetary


Our iconic New Era snapback hat is the perfect hat to wear when you need to mask that killer hangover or when running Thanksgiving errands for Mom in your tiny hometown and have a 100% chance of bumping into a high school ex. Pair it with this Spider Tattoo T-shirt and no one will get caught in your web.   


Chocolate-covered coffee beansthe perfect treat for your cousin who loves edibles. They might not be magical beans, but they’re pretty damn close. A kick of caffeine chased by chocolate is just what the doctor ordered to awaken you from that post-Thanksgiving turkey coma.


Whether you’re dressing up or dressing down, this black polo is a wardrobe staple. The subtle Death Wish Coffee logo stitched so delicately on the front will turn heads. It could also make the perfect gift for that special bro in your life. Most importantly, this polo has plenty of stretch for movement whether that means you’re getting active or helping yourself to another round of stuffing.

Man wearing a Death Wish Coffee hat


Sleep in, slug some coffee, roll out of bed, throw on our new Death Wish Coffee hat, and be on your way to looking fresh to death. Our new era-fitted hat is perfect for adventure-seekers. Even if that adventure is sneaking away from your relatives as soon as the dinner table convo turns political.

Our new Death Wish Coffee New Era Parent Hat is the perfect companion when you don’t feel like styling your flow. Who has time for that these days anyway? The embroidered Death Wish Coffee logo patch on the front will distract everyone from whatever else you have going on.

Man wearing Krampus sweater entwined with Christmas lights


An ugly sweater that’s just as bada*s as your 2020 attitude. You might not be going to an ugly sweater party this year, but that doesn’t mean ugly sweaters are off the table. Embrace the holidays with your annoying extended family by rocking this ugly sweater that screams “I’m on the naughty list and IDGAF!”


We don’t want to spill all the [coffee] beans, but we are really excited for some of our other releases coming your way this November. Plus, we’ll be coming out with an exclusive Holiday Gift Guide that will make your holiday shopping a lot easier!


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