This reporter went live with no pants on and honestly he's all of us working from home

By DeathWishCoffee — / Death Wish Coffee Blog


By Angela Garrity, Guest Blogger

The stay at home order has certainly had many professionals working from home and doing the best they can and working with what they have. We are seeing some sides of people that we never expected and to that, we raise our mugs, because why not?

CNN ran the story of ABC News reporter Will Reeve who appeared on “Good Morning America” for a segment that has the internet won’t stop overlooking – the fact that he went live without pants.

Will Reeve on Good Morning America pantsless

Dress up from the waist up – we support this.

Viewers ran to Twitter to roast him over his pantsless appearance.  

"I have ARRIVED," Reeve tweeted back. "In the most hilariously mortifying way possible."

Reeve seems to have taken this all in great stride, as he assures everyone concerned that he was wearing shorts and jokes he won’t be hired as a camera operator “anytime soon”.


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