5 Death Wish Employees Reveal Their New Year's Resolution

By Abdullah Wali — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

While there will be plenty of things happening in the year 2017 for Death Wish Coffee, our team has a few small goals they're working on for themselves. Aside from becoming as highly caffeinated as humanly possible some of us will be working on things like chapstick completion, reading more and becoming a roasting champion. 


Caid Tuller, Customer Service Trainer

"I'm putting myself to the test to actually finish a single stick of chapstick. I have a terrible habit of bulk buying Burt's Bee's chapstick and only using it 1-2 times before misplacing it and unwrapping a new one. It's the worst. Losing chapstick in my pocket can only be compared to 'where does my other sock go when lost in the laundry.' The difference is, my chapstick is typically recovered at the bottom of the washing machine after a solid spin cycle unlike all of my socks. Part two of my New Year's resolution is to find the mates to all of my socks..."


Dave, Roaster 

"My resolution would just be to learn everything I possibly can about roasting coffee"


Jake Brady, Production and Packaging 

"This year I plan to spend more time educating myself. There's so much to learn and understand about our world. I can't ignore it!"


Teah Teriele, Marketing Manager 

"Mike [our owner] just replaced our conference table with a ping pong table. Right now, I probably couldn't hit the ball if it were the size of the moon. That's going to change. Watch out, Dwight Schrute."


Mike Brown, Owner and CEO 

"My New Year's resolution? Sleep less."


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