Starter kits are back with new coffee canister

Starter kits are back in stock with new vacuum-sealable coffee canister

We want you to be the best you can possibly be when you rise and grind every single morning. That's why we're putting together our latest Death Wish Coffee Starter Kit, which includes our trucker hat, Reaper pin, our 2018 mug, a 1-lb bag of the World's Strongest Coffee, and our brand new vacuum-sealed coffee storage container.

Note: This product bundle is no longer available. 

Our 16-ounce airtight container will keep your coffee fresh as hell by forcing air out and keeping freshness in. This new container features our skull and crossbones logo on the front and "The World's Strongest Coffee" on the back. It'll make your coffee the world's freshest coffee, too.

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This limited edition set includes:

Death Wish Coffee/Death Cups  
Using carefully selected, perfectly roasted coffee beans, Death Wish Coffee is a bold, highly caffeinated blend. It has the smooth, never bitter taste you’re looking for in a coffee — complete with subtle hints of cherry and chocolate. This deal applies to our ground and whole bean coffee, as well as our Death Cups (compatible with Keurig).

Death Wish Ceramic Collectible Mug: 2018 Edition
Created by our friends at Deneen Pottery, the 2018 Death Wish Coffee mug is truly a work of art. This collectible mug has a unique shape that is perfect for the coffee drinker who takes no prisoners when it comes to their caffeine consumption. This mug features our skull and crossbones design.
• Extremely collectible
• Individually handmade in the USA
• 14+ ounces
• 100% microwave and oven safe

Vacuum Sealed Canister
This 16-ounce vacuum-sealed coffee storage container by Planetary Design forces air out and locks freshness in — keeping your coffee fresh for a longer period of time. Prevent your coffee beans from going stale and continue to enjoy the smooth, bold flavors of our artisanal blends.

Trucker Hat & Reaper Pin
No outfit is complete without our trucker hat and extremely collectible Reaper Pin, designed by tattoo artist Pete Clark.
Available while all supplies last. Shop now.

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