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Exodus planning first album since 2014

Exodus frontman Steve 'Zetro' Souza says a new Exodus album is in the works, but won't be released until the entire band is back together to finish the record. Why? Because they want it to be fucking awesome. So if you're sad about the wait, at least know that it's going to be so much more worth it in the end.

In this clip from episode 116 of Fueled By Death Cast, we ask Steve about the upcoming new album and what we can expect. The band's last album was 2014's "Blood In Blood Out," and the band is primed to release its eleventh studio recording.

Songs and ideas have been written and worked on, but currently guitarist Gary Holt is playing with Slayer, taking over touring duties from the late Jeff Hanneman. So once Exodus, and Holt, are all back together to finish the record, Zetro says it will be one of their heaviest albums to date.

"We want the best Exodus record that it can be. So, it's not like we gotta run into a studio and go, 'Shit. We better go write 10 fucking songs so that we got some product out there.' I don't care if it takes six fucking years. When it comes out it's going to be grand and it's going to be great," Steve said in his interview. "Gary will then be back full time. So, the ultimate force of us back. Since I've been back and now it's going to be well almost five years."

Exodus is considered one of the pioneers of thrash metal and Steve joined the band in 1986. Coming off a successful European tour, we talked to Steve about the current state of rock and metal music, what we can expect from the new Exodus album, and just how much Steve loves being a musician and interacting with his fans.

Watch the video from Zetro's interview below, and listen to his full Fueled by Death Cast interview here.

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