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Our new brutally honest diner mug set is available now

Tell your coworkers how you really feel.

Our new diner mug set, now available, screams “I’m only here for the PTO” to your coworkers. These mugs feature a Death Wish Coffee skull and crossbones logo on one side and a brutally honest phrase on the other. These 14-ounce mugs are perfect for coffee (or a cocktail). Get the set here

So set your out of office message, get a head start on vacation, and party on. Oh, and leave out that you’ll “be intermittently checking emails.” Just don’t. Take some inspiration for your next out-of-office auto-responder from these away messages.

“Hey, I’m currently on vacation. Upon my return, I will address your email in a timely fashion by probably deleting it.”


“I’m sorry to have missed you (I’m not sorry), but I’m currently out of the office until 5/14. If I was in, chances are you wouldn't have received anything at all.”


“Thanks for your message! I’m on vacation and will not have access to email. However, if you’re in Mexico and want to party, please call [insert phone number here].


“Thanks for reaching out. I’m currently somewhere sunny where the time in between coffee and cocktails does not exist. That said, I’m probably too drunk to answer your email.”


“Okay, I’m not really out of the office. I’m just ignoring you.”


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