Navy SEAL Gives One Trick To Help You Actually Wake Up Early

By Teah Teriele — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

How can I actually wake up in the morning?

I'd like to think that Navy SEALs know a thing or two about discipline. It's pretty incredible that there are people who are meticulously trained in their routines, and yet somehow, morning after morning, I'm begging for another 3 and a half minutes in bed.

When I'm just waking up, there's next to nothing that will prevent me from pressing snooze, but the current awake, alert, motivated version of myself is happy to listen to any suggestion.

In interview with Business Insider, Navy SEAL Jocko Willink makes a simple point: don't try and use your brain when you're trying to wake up. "Don't think in the morning," he says. "That's a big mistake. [People] wake up in the morning and they start thinking." He goes on to suggest that physical activity in the morning will wake you up, and it won't be quite as hard as long as you're not using your brain.

Thanks, Jocko. I'll try it.

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