It's time to show appreciation to the person fueling your caffeine addiction

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Happy National Barista Day!

By Angela Garrity, Guest blogger

Support your local coffee house by kindly paying them a visit and making a purchase of a beloved cup of joe because today is National Barista Day.

A male barista pouring a latte

Don’t go solo — Take a friend or family member who also shares the love of coffee, of course. Show your local baristas that you support their craft, as they are constantly hard at work with taking orders and fulfilling drink orders.

Their job is super important to us and we couldn’t have those deliciously prepared drinks without them honing their craft. We truly rely on them to help us get our days going, keep them moving along and fuel us long into the wee hours. Without them, how would we survive?

Baristas of the modern coffee scene keep things fresh and flowing. The work they put into the coffee industry is exceptional and pours out to those around them.

To all the baristas out there who are truly grinding it out, mugs up to you today. Thank you for keeping the fog cleared away from our truly exhausted brains. We truly rely on you to keep us keep everything together.

I cannot imagine living in a world where someone isn’t making another soul a cup of coffee. It’s the universally spoken language of love.

To my barista, and to all baristas out there spreading the caffeinated love, thank you!

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