How Death Wish and the Mr. TBT podcast grew together

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Mr. Throwback Thursday featured on Fueled by Death Cast

By Heather Marlette

If you are a fan of hip-hop, then you should probably check out The Mr. Throwback Thursday podcast. We recently had the hosts and longtime friends— Bill Winters and Jamie Robinson — on episode 112 of Fueled by Death Cast.

Along with hearing about how they got the idea to turn their mutual love of hip-hop into a podcast that is going strong at episode 263, we got into how they discovered Death Wish Coffee and created a friendship just as strong as our coffee.

Bill fully admits that he was brought over to the dark side by Jamie, who discovered us from a simple Amazon search. He saw Death Wish Coffee, rolled the dice, and hasn’t looked back since.

“'Alright.' I said. 'I'll try it. You know, I got a $25 gift card. I will buy some of this coffee.' And I can honestly say I've not purchased another coffee since that day," Jamie said during his interview.

Now, Jamie travels with coffee, a grinder, and a French Press (he won’t travel with his Chemex). If he goes somewhere he can’t take all his caffeine paraphernalia, he has a simple solution — he grinds the coffee at home and puts it in refillable tea bags. Talk about dedication, and a fantastic idea, by the way.

At the very start of the Mr. TBT podcast, they were the epitome of fueled by Death Wish, no matter the time of day. As they have grown, so have we. They watched us when we aired a Super Bowl commercial, they tried our new flavors, and Jamie even has a mug logo tattooed on his arm. Of course, we wanted to know if they thought there was anything we could introduce to the brand that we have missed out on.

“I think you should team up with Wu Tang Clan, but that's a different story,” Jamie said.

Listen to our full interview with Jamie and Bill on Fueled by Death Cast. 

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