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Brian Volk-Weiss joins Fueled by Death Cast to talk about "The Movies That Made Us" 

By Angela Garrity, Guest blogger

"The Toys That Made Us" documentary series was just the beginning for show creator Brian Volk-Weiss. In this episode of Fueled By Death Cast, The Incredible Jeff gets to gab with Volk-Weiss about his newest project series that just dropped on Netflix on November 29, "The Movies that Made us."

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We could not think of a better way to “Netflix and chill” — and by that, we mean actually spending time on the couch with a bucket of popcorn watching the magic that pours out of the television from the vision of Volk-Weiss.

Can we get a round of applause for the nostalgia that surrounds the chosen flicks to kick off Season One? "Die Hard," "Ghostbusters," "Dirty Dancing," and "Home Alone" are movies that many of us have seen several times, but classics never get old.

How were these movies chosen to launch viewers into the new series?

“We knew it was going to be a holiday release," he said in his interview. "People were like, Brian, you don’t shut up about 'Robocop,' so why didn’t you do 'Robocop'? Believe me, it painful that we didn’t do 'Robocop... 'Home Alone' is holidays, 'Die Hard' is holidays.”

It hurts us too, Brian, but we can put this legendary title on our dream lists. Sigh.

These make sense in alignment with the time of the year for the release of season one.

“I did 'Ghostbusters' because it was a comedy/'horror' and it felt right for what we were doing," he continued.

We came, we saw, we kicked its ass!

A Netflix poster for "The Movies That Made Us" featuring Home Alone, Dirty Dancing, Die Hard, and Ghostbusters

“For me, 'Dirty Dancing' was always a holiday movie, too. When I was growing up, I was part of this big group of people who every New Year and Christmas watching. The dudes would watch Star Wars and the girls would watch Dirty Dancing. For years, between me being 10-18, every Christmas, every New Year, these were the two movies we were watching. This is why I chose 'Dirty Dancing.'

Inspiration can come from “having the time of your life” during the holidays at such a tender age. We completely get it.

Carrying almost the same crew that brought us "The Toys That Made Us," is delightful to hear. The surprises that are discovered with each episode is genuinely like striking gold.

Volk-Weiss explains that 'Home Alone' "was shot in a school. The swimming pool was where the basement set was built. Kevin, in the basement, talking to himself with the furnace — all built in the pool.”

Imagination is a powerful thing.

Another hidden gem that is uncovered is the original movie poster for "Die Hard." Bruce Willis was not the original lead promoted for the film, which is actually a sequel for the movie character, John McClane. The initial actor passed on portraying John McClane, which is how Willis landed the role.

We aren’t going to tell you who the actor was, because we aren’t spoiling anything. You just have to watch Episode 152 of Fueled By Death Cast to uncover the secret for yourself. Yipppee-ki-yay!

Watch the clip from our interview with Volk-Weiss below, and listen to his entire interview with Fueled by Death Cast here or wherever else podcasts are found.

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