The gift guide for anyone who is as caffeinated as a mother

By Sierra Meisser — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Here's our Mother's Day Gift Guide

These are the best coffee gifts for the woman in your life who’s as caffeinated as a mother. After all, it takes a strong woman and a strong cup of coffee (or seven) to raise a family. 

Death Wish Coffee

Okay, maybe we’re biased, but what better way to say, “I love you” to the woman that gave you life than to hand her a bag emblazoned with skull and crossbones and “Death Wish”?  We both know that this won’t be the first time that she thought you’d be the death of her. Seriously, get your mom a bag of strong-ass coffee to make up for all those times when you were a kid and she really needed it.

Apothic Brew


Here’s the perfect mom gift to answer the age-old dilemma: What do you do when it’s too late for coffee but too early for wine? She’ll never have to choose between coffee or wine ever again with this new coffee-infused wine crafted by the company, Apothic Wine. Earlier this year, Apothic Wine introduced a new, small-batch red wine that is infused with cold brew coffee named Apothic Brew. This is a limited-run, so you know you’ll be getting your mom something special.

Coffee bean necklace


This sterling silver necklace will be a constant memento of the one thing she cherishes most in this world: coffee, obviously. Your mom will be obsessed with this coffee bean necklace, and maybe it will remind her of you, too.

The best mom mug

This diner mug set will let your mom tell others how she really feels. Available tomorrow (5/10/18) on, just in time for Mother's Day. 

A Vacation

Speaking of vacations, your mom probably deserves one. Book her a trip to one of these coffee-belt destinations (and then beg her to take you with her. Pleeeeeeease, can I go?).

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