Merry Deathwishmas! Here's how our community decorated this year.

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Death Wish Community decks the halls with the world's strongest coffee

Happy Holidays from Death Wish Coffee Co.! 

We're really feeling the love from our caffeinated community this year (and every year), and if you look below, you'll know why. Members of The Official Death Wish Coffee Company Community Page on Facebook went out of their way this year to deck their halls with the world's strongest coffee — AMAZING is an understatement. 

Below, check out some of the amazing Christmas trees and other holiday decorations our community displayed this year.

A side-by-side image of three Death Wish Christmas trees decorated with Death Wish mugs, ornaments, and more.

Corina Revette Warner  — White Death Wish Coffee Christmas tree. 

A white Christmas tree shown with Death Wish ornaments and decorations

Seriously, this tree is amazing! Complete with Fueled by Death Cast ornaments, logo ornaments, and even "I voted" ornaments from our Super Bowl 50 commercial campaign, this caffeinated Christmas tree is the real deal. It's even in our brand colors! 

Stacey Barr White — Death Wish Christmas Ornaments 

A close-up of a Christmas tree with three Death Wish Coffee ornaments

These are all tied for my favorite Christmas ornament this year. And if this isn't enough, Stacey even made a Death Wish WREATH, complete with little coffee percolators. Oh, my heart. 

A Christmas wreath decorated with Death Wish Coffee stickers

Ryan Pomeroy — Festive Mug Tree

A mug stand with Death Wish Coffee mugs decorated with Christmas trees

What's a way to make your mug station better? With Christmas decorations, of course. How can you not feel merry when you see this as you pick a mug in the morning? Using the Yeti ornament as a topper is a bonus — 10 points to Ryan.

Paul Tibbert — Death Wish Christmas Towels

Death Wish Coffee Christmas towels hang next to Christmas decorations in a kitchen

These festive Christmas towels are made by Mary Koslow, the mother of CEO and founder Mike Brown! To the left you see his mug display all decked out for the holidays — Paul, your house looks like the coziest Christmas house around!

Lisa Wallarab — Death Wish ornaments, mugs, and PAJAMAS! 

A girl and her corgi smile in front of a Death Wish Coffee Christmas tree

Look. at. those. pajamas. Have you ever seen anything cuter? Lisa's daughter, Layla, is the best future Death Wish Coffee drinker out there. Seriously, I want those pajamas. Lisa's gorgeous tree also has Death Wish Coffee ornaments, with her beautiful mug collection shining in the background.

Gail Dunmyer — Death Wish Mug TREE! 

A side by side photo of a Death Wish Coffee Christmas Tree made entirely of coffee mugs

This is a pure work of art. Gail and her husband, Brian, BUILT the tree in 2015, and they've been decorating it every year since. It's completely comprised of  ALL Death Wish mugs made from 2012 to 2019. Mike's mom, Mary, handmade the tree skirt, and the tree has handmade ornaments from fans all over the globe! (Take a closer look at the tree in the video below!) 

The amount of love I feel from our community is truly overwhelming — I and the team are so happy to be a part of your lives. From the entire Death Wish team, happy holidays! Thank you for being there for us since the beginning — mugs up to 2020! 


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