Photos: See who we're missing and remembering this Memorial Day

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Thank you to all the servicemen and women who made the ultimate sacrifice

A photo showing the ship that the grandfather of our financial controller, Kristin, served on.

Today, we’re remembering the brave servicemen and women who dedicated their lives to protecting our freedoms. As we celebrate, a few of us at Death Wish Coffee wanted to share photos of our late loved ones who have served in various branches of the United States Military. Our grandfathers, great-grandfathers, and more continue to make us proud every day, and they’ve all played a role in shaping who we are.

No matter if you lost a loved one while they served or lost a loved one years after they came home, one thing stays the same — we miss them dearly. And while Memorial Day is a formal holiday to recognize their service and sacrifice, we remember and thank them every day. 

Mugs up to all the servicemen and women we remember today and every day — we’re the land of the free because of the brave.

Here's are some of the Death Wish Coffee family members we're remembering today: 

Richard Cumpston, United States Navy and Coast Guard, WWII and Korea

James C. Sweeney, United States Marine Corps, Korea

John Boyd, United States Navy

John F. Hunt, PFC 2 Calvary, World War I 

Donald LaGuardia, PFC, United States Army

Michael Martiello, United States Army 

Albert Battistelli, United States Army 

Mario Gaetano, PFC, United States Army Air Forces, World War II

Leo McCarthy, US Navy, World War II

Frank Trunk, US Navy, World War II

Alen Gatchell, US Navy, 1961-1970

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