Meet Death Wish: Kane Grogan, Business Development Manager

Death Wish Coffee Company is made up of a small but growing team. We want to take you inside our headquarters and introduce you to some of the team members that make it all come together. 

Kane Grogan was one of the first ever Death Wish employees. He started out in the Saratoga Coffee Traders basement and has been a major part of the team ever since. Now, when he's not working on several projects, you can find him singing in his band, Angels on the Fourth, writing music, or attempting to beat someone at the office ping-pong table. 

How long have you been working with Death Wish and what do you do here?

I've been with Death Wish since 2013. At the time, I was hired to help with a massive amount of orders Death Wish got from being thrown on Good Morning America without much notice. They were operating out of Mike's coffee shop's basement. I basically just packed, weighed, stickered and packaged coffee bags for 8-12 hours a day. Now I run our customer service department, a lot of our events, some of our advertising efforts, our small scale wholesale platform, our subscription platform, as well as some of the backend website stuff and troubleshooting. I'm sure there are 57 other things I could list but that's good for now. 

What have you learned about the coffee industry that surprised you?

I think the biggest surprise is just the sheer amount of people that are obsessed with coffee. I knew it was popular being the second most popular commodity on the planet behind oil, but I had no idea just how many die-hard people there are for all things coffee. It's pretty insane and awesome to be involved with a product that so many people love and will hurt people over not having, and have it be completely socially acceptable! If I got in a fight with someone because I didn't have a beer I'd get put into a rehabilitation clinic against my own will, but if it's because I didn't have my coffee yet, it's totally cool and understandable.   

What does a typical day look like for you? How much coffee do you drink?

Days here for me are very repetitive and at the same time very different. I'm usually in front of my laptop going through emails and working on projects. I've been fortunate enough to hire my own team of amazing people to cover a lot of my day to day tasks (huge props to Sierra, Kristine, and my main man Caiden) which allows me to focus on bigger projects to help grow the business. A lot of the time I'm looking for something the company needs or maybe something that could run better and then I focus on finding or fixing it. At the same time, there can be a million things that can go wrong or come up throughout the day which makes no two days alike and keeps things very busy and exciting. 

What do you do for fun?

I write and record a lot of music for starters. I have a couple musical projects and my favorite thing to do is play live with my band. I also like to be very social so I'm out a lot. I'm also very blessed where my job creates a ton of really awesome and bucket list opportunities so I travel a lot and get to attend and be a part of a lot of amazing events I wouldn't otherwise be able to be a part of. 

What’s something that goes on at HQ that people would be surprised to learn?

I think people would be surprised to see just how much fun we have at work. Mike has been very good about allowing there to be a lot of things to kind of take your mind off a stressful day from ping pong to basketball to video games, etc. We also all get along extremely well so there is usually so many laughs throughout the day it's almost crazy we get paid to be here. On the flipside, I think people would be very surprised to see just how much planning goes into everything we do and how much communication we have. We have daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly meetings to make sure everyone is on the same page and that projects are getting done. There are so many moving parts to our business internally so planning and communication are crucial.