Meet Death Wish: Dustin Alexander, Inventory Manager and Fueled by Death Cast Host

By Abdullah Wali — / Death Wish Coffee Blog


Death Wish Coffee Company is made up of a small but growing team. We want to take you inside our headquarters and introduce you to some of the team members that make it all come together. 

Dustin Alexander may have a knack for making sure there’s an endless supply of coffee at our headquarters, but he also has some hidden talents. For starters, he’s one of the host’s of Fueled by Death Cast, he practices Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, and he makes a mean Death Proof coffee.  

How long have you been working with Death Wish and what do you do here?

I've been here for about a year and a half, not considering my short-lived part-time gig here as a "Death Cup sticker placer".  Now, I make sure that the company has the materials it needs to make our product awesome, work with vendors to make sure we're getting the best priced and highest quality product, and I am also the co-host for the company's podcast "Fueled By Death Cast". 


What’s something you’ve learned about coffee by working here?

Before I started working here, I NEVER drank coffee. Now that I'm around it all the time, I've grown to respect coffee and the work it takes to make a high-quality Joe. A legitimate fair-trade and organic coffee makes a big difference in taste and how it affects you. 

What does a typical day look like for you? 

Throughout the day, you can find me just about anywhere in our facilities. I'm communicating with our production to make sure they have everything they need to do their job, ensuring all of our shipments are moving smoothly, podcasting with Jeff in the "studio," or you can find me at my desk running the back-end of our operations. Surprisingly, I only need one cup of (Death Proof) coffee in the morning to function. 

What do you do for fun?

I really enjoy Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, as long as all of my limbs stay intact. I also spend a lot of time running, cross-country mountain biking, and I've always played bass guitar in rock & roll bands. 

What’s something that goes on in the warehouse that people would be surprised to learn?

Growth. Every time I take a step back on how much change has taken place in this company since I've started, it blows me away! It seems like every day we are bringing in new machines. It's really great to be part of something that started as a small operation and has grown into a full-blown coffee facility.  

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