Meet Cochrane Creations: Fine custom woodworking

By Jeff Ayers — / Death Wish Coffee Blog


Clyde and Darlene Cochrane are creators. Together, the husband and wife team helm Cochrane Creations, creating custom woodworking designs to customer's specifications, and since 2019, Death Wish Coffee has been one of those customers. In fact, Cochrane Creations has made a bunch of custom tables and coasters for our new headquarters in Saratoga Springs, New York.

Clyde served in the U.S. Army for 30 years and is retired along with his wife who is retired after working in law enforcement for 25 years. Now, this dynamic duo creates these wonderful wooden creations in their 3200 square foot workspace.

Along with the custom tables at our offices, Cochrane Creations has an exclusive license with Death Wish Coffee to build limited series of tables and coasters for sale and also for charity auctions. The OG Death Wish Logo and the fan-favorite Uncle Sam designs have already been turned into beautiful wooden tables and coasters, with a few more surprises coming up.

After talking with Clyde, I learned just how much care he puts into everything he creates. Using quality materials is a key factor. The OG Death Wish Coffee Logo tables for instance used locally sourced Alabama Denim Pine with Maple wood inserts and finished with high-quality acrylics, coats, and powders.

Our custom giant coffee table is also made from that Alabama Denim Pine and is adorned with the Industrial Death Wish Coffee logo. We haven't even been in our new offices that long and we already have had some spirited brainstorming sessions across that table.

Cochrane Creations uses traditional woodworking techniques along with CNC routing and laser techniques as well, to get those amazingly fine details in the finished product.

Clyde started out by needing to make some inexpensive furniture for himself after returning home from Operation Desert Storm. His off-hand hobby quickly turned into an obsession and has taught himself everything from books and videos. 

While his favorite woods to work with are cherry and maple, he has taken a liking to denim pine since creating custom Death Wish Coffee tables. He was turned onto our coffee from a friend and decided to create a table for himself featuring our logo. Who knew that a beautiful partnership would be born from a few beans and some wood?

Follow Cochrane Creations on Facebook to find out more about what they are creating next, and to be notified when new limited-edition Death Wish Coffee creations go on sale.

In one of the weirder requests Cochrane Creations has gotten, we commissioned them to make us some Death Wish Coffee Karate boards that we tried to test our martial arts skills on. Watch the video to see how we did!



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