Meet Death Wish: Anthony Goldston, Death Cup Maker and Roaster

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Death Wish Coffee Company is made up of a small but growing team. We want to take you inside our headquarters and introduce you to some of the team members that make it all come together. 

In the year that Anthony Goldston has been with Death Wish, he's gone from working the Death Cup machine - addicts can thank him for their perfectly packed cups - to the learning how to roast. Though he was never a coffee drinker before, he now drinks Death Wish while making Death Wish at Death Wish... 

How long have you been working with Death Wish and what do you do here?

I've been here for one year on March 21st, I'm now roasting on the 30kilo roaster and I also run the single lane Deathcup machine.

What’s something you’ve learned about coffee by working here?

That I like it! I wasn't a coffee drinker before, but Death Wish changed that.

What's a typical day at HQ like for you?

A typical day for me has been anything but recently. I've been learning to roast in the afternoons, so I start the day by running the single lane Deathcup machine and end it by roasting after lunch. I drink 3 maybe 4 cups of Death Wish a day depending on how my machines act. Lol

What do you do for fun?

For fun, I host a sports podcast and I play with my daughter.

What’s something that goes on in the warehouse that people would be surprised to learn?

Probably that I blast country music which drives everyone else crazy! 

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