May the Fourth and Revenge of the Fifth

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By Angela Garrity, Guest Blogger

Today is Star Wars Day. “May the 4th has been making the Kessell run in less than twelve parsecs and today is the day for all fanboys of the franchise.

Star Wars Day represents more than just a quote in a film, the day itself is internationally recognized and is now as much a part of life as some of the most fun - popular holidays you can name.

The first celebration of May 4th took place at the Toronto Underground Cinema in 2001. This first official Star Wars Day’s festivities included a costume contest and a movie marathon. Fans’ favorite parodies of the franchise were also enjoyed, as were some of the most popular mash-ups and remixes.

While for some, there may have been a thought that Star Wars Day was nothing but a fad that would die out, regardless of the fact the films never did, in swoop Disney, and they restarted the whole thing off and took it to a whole new level.

Have you seen the child? No one’s heart is safe.

Star Wars Day was soon to become something even more special to a whole new demographic. Now, a whole new set of parents have to explain why even though it’s set a long, long time ago, things are way more advanced than they are now.

Star Wars Day has gained so much more popularity and is celebrated by Star Wars fans worldwide, and before long, we expect Disney to declare May 4th to be a national holiday.

For those who like things a little darker and think more along Sith lines, Revenge of the Fifth is yours for the taking. Join the Dark Side, at least for one day. Do it.

The concept of Revenge of the Fifth, however, didn’t enter the public consciousness in the first trilogy of films. You can thank the second trilogy for coining this term. At least we got something that came out of this set of films besides epic whining and annoying characters, right?

Regardless if you walk the Jedi or Sith path, or perhaps somewhere in between, these two days are for everyone to enjoy the Star Wars universe, which is of epic proportions these days.

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