Where did our skull and crossbones logo come from?

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

The inspiration behind our skull and crossbones logo 

Our skull and crossbones logo is pretty hard to miss when you're perusing through the coffee aisle in your local grocery store or searching for strong coffee brands online. But where did it come from?

Most people associate a skull and crossbones with the jolly roger — an infamous historical pirate symbol that's made its way into sports, pop culture, and more. But was our Death Wish Coffee logo inspired by the famous "Goonies never say die"? Or Jack Sparrow's Black Pearl? Nope — we'll leave the jolly rogers to Black Sam Bellamy, Blackbeard, and for you baseball fans, the Pittsburgh Pirates. 

Inspiration for our skull and crossbones logo came from old warning labels on poison bottles, not a pirate flag. During the 19th century, many new poisonous materials came onto the market. They were used to control rodents, as surface cleaners, or as medicines. To prevent mishaps with these bottles, they were marked with distinctive patterns, raised shapes, or a skull and crossbones label. 

So why did we use a warning label as inspiration for our bags of the world's strongest coffee coffee? Because our warning to you is this: Death Wish Coffee is highly addictive with a high caffeine content and smooth, bold taste. 

This is not your regular morning coffee. 

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