This couple bought a pirate ship house boat and we're jealous

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Buy this pirate ship house boat and set sail

The pirates life is about to become real for this North Potomac, Maryland couple. Timothy Quaty and Isabel Eyerly were scrolling on Facebook when they saw a trending item for sale — a pirate ship house boat. Timothy jokingly asked if she wanted to live on it, and she was all about it. 

"So what made us want to buy it is my girlfriend loves boats, and I’m mildly obsessed with Krakens and I already own an awesome pirate coat and who doesn’t want the conversation piece of being a pirate living on a pirate boat? ship? Yacht?" Quaty said.

Timothy grew up on the water in Essex, Maryland and worked on crab boats growing up, so he knew exactly what kind of maintenance this ship would need. 

"We are changing the name of the ship [curently called La Biche]," Quaty said. "We are considering a few — I’m preferable to The Kraken’s Delight or The Kraken’s Feast, Izzy likes The Death Wish because I said 'That Coffee Website’s name would be awesome for a pirate ship.' Izzy is coffee fanatic so who knows depending on how much she loves your coffee."

Daniel Corder sold the house boat to the couple, and it comes equipped with three bedrooms, two baths, and a ~literal~ skeleton crew. For $29,000 that's a steal. Who needs an apartment or house when you can live on a damn PIRATE SHIP??

Quaty and Eyerly have a long term plan to move to Annapolis, Maryland to live on the boat full time. Right now, they're having it set up in a marina close to where they bought it as a weekend boat until they learn all the ins and outs of navigating the ship.

"This is our new home and we love it," Quaty said.

Learn more about the house boat below and the couple who bought it.

Timothy Quaty and Isabel Eyerly are the new owners of a pirate ship house boat, and we are eternally jealous. 



Right now, the ship is located in Virginia. Quaty and Eyerly are having it set up in a marina about 1,500 across from the pier they bought it from. 


The ship was sold by Daniel Corder. "I can’t stress enough how laid back, sincere and nice Captain Dan is, he is just a generally cool guy," Quaty said.

The couple plans on moving to Annapolis, Maryland full time to live on the house boat. 

Sorry buddy, Timothy and Isabel are the captains now.

If you guys need a flag, coffee, or some voluntary crew members — we got you covered. We'll bring the coffee. 

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