Our latest crewneck sweatshirt is coming soon

By Death Wish Coffee — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

King of Death crewneck by Death Wish coming soon

If you play your cards right, you'll always have a mug full of fresh, hot coffee. And our latest crewneck sweatshirt is fit for a king. 

Made of an 80/20 cotton-poly blend fleece, this soft, jet black King of Death sweatshirt will keep you warm and comfortable no matter what time of day it is. 

This sweatshirt is available soon — make sure to check back for updates and to sign up for our email newsletter to stay up to date on all things Death Wish. 

Our crewneck sweatshirt is only one of the awesome products we're releasing this spring (is it spring? Is it winter? I really don't know, so we'll go with spring as wishful thinking). We're releasing a Mystery Box soon full of unique gifts, and it's not too late to get one of these badass Valhalla Java T-shirts. 

What other pieces of merch do you want to see from Death Wish Coffee? 

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