Death Wish Coffee aboard world's largest Viking Ship: Draken Harald Hargagre

By Thomas Dragonette — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Long ago in a distant land across the icy blue Atlantic Ocean, lived a clan of Old Norse Seafarers who raided and traded from their Scandinavian homelands across wide areas of northern, central and eastern Europe.
With exceptional seafaring skills and advanced shipbuilding capabilities, this culture of men and women took to the seas and explored the world around them, leaving behind profound cultural and developmental influences on all who crossed their path.
Fast forward 1200 years and a new breed of Viking has emerged. The Draken Harald Harfagre was built by hand from the same Nordic traditions of centuries past. Manned and womaned by about 30 sailors this ship has been on a 6-month journey starting in Norway and traveling across the Atlantic where it will finally rest for the winter in Connecticut before setting sail again to return home in the spring.
We managed to barter our way onto the ship with coffee to get a sneak peak at what the crew was up to and how they have been living for the past 5 months.
To learn more or track their journey check them out at -

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