Kragen Lum talks about his favorite guitar on Fueled by Death Cast

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Guitarist Kragen Lum talks about why his favorite guitar is an ESP 

By Angela Garrity, Guest blogger

Wrapping up the journey in this podcast episode featuring Kragen Lum of Exodus, the guitarist dives into his detail about this favorite guitar.

In this clip from Fueled by Death Cast, Kragen Lum confesses his favorite guitar to play on is an ESP.

Two side by side photos of guitarist Kragen Lum show him holding his favorite guitairs

"I have one here and one in Europe. They’re really solid guitars and I love them," the shredder said.

He also directs attention to the Ferrari Red Jackson hanging on the wall as his most sentimentally owned piece of musical gear, as it once belonged to former Ratt guitarist Robbin Crosby. The Jackson was his main axe in Psychosis.

Lum recants the tale of how the beloved piece came into his possession around 1988 directly from Guitar Row on the Sunset Strip.

"I walked in there and I saw this red V and said 'Man, that’s awesome,'" Lum said.

Keeping steadfast to his rule of buying guitars, he inquired on the price and left the store. Returning a few days later, the V was still available but for $100 more than he was originally told the sales price was  — Lum said “they didn’t even know what they really had.”

Lum took the guitar to the Jackson factory, where previous owners information could be found on an index card, saved in the rolodex.

Lum knew immediately upon seeing the V whom this axe previously belonged to, due to its reverse Jackson logo. The guitar is merely a decorative piece now and he does bring it down from time to time to play it.  

Watch the clip below to hear more, and learn more about Lum during his interview on Episode #132 of Fueled by Death Cast.


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