Kiss is performing a live concert tonight... for sharks

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Kiss performing a live show in Australia to Great White Sharks

By Angela Garrity, Guest blogger

Sharks have outlived most forms of life on Earth, including dinosaurs. New species are discovered every year, but there is still so much to learn about these unique predators of the seas. One trait science wants to learn more about is how sharks respond to sound. The best way to study this effect on sharks is to invite them to a heavy metal concert performed by Kiss, Live Science reports.

A side-by-side photo of Kiss band members next to a Great White Shark. The band is performing a concert for sharks

Kiss is performing tonight by boat for sharks off the Australian coast, as their sound show is blasted to the animals via underwater speakers. A small group of eight people will rock out on a second boat with a glass viewing panel to watch sharks that swim up to "investigate" the concert.

The concert is part of a 12-hour tour to an offshore location near Port Lincoln, which is known for being a feeding ground for great white sharks.

Airbnb approached us with this idea that sounded, quite frankly, a little weird, but we’re used to being approached with things that are a little weird,” Paul Stanley said in an interview with Rolling Stone. “I’ve played for a lot of land sharks. Now I finally get a chance to play for the ocean varieties.”

Sharks hear through a hole on each side of their head that opens to an inner ear. They also have an extrasensory system that is made up of a canal that runs through their bodies and is connected to the pores of their skin, known as the lateral line. An inner ear and the lateral line have modified sensory hair cells that detect vibration in the water.

Organizers are anticipating the music will draw the ocean predators in, as studies have shown sharks can learn to respond to music cues. Great white sharks have demonstrated attraction to heavy metal, according to a documentary broadcast on the Discovery Channel.

The “Kiss meets the phantom of the shark” experience was launched “to educate people and show them that sharks are worthy of respect, empathy and protection," according to Airbnb, the presenter of the concert. 

"Big events like this concert should encourage a positive public opinion of sharks, which is vital in changing public and political will towards appropriate shark conservation and management strategies," Catarina Vila Pouca, a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Zoology at Stockholm University in Sweden, said.


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