How to turn K-Cups into plant seed starters

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Can I plant seeds inside K-Cups? 

Single-serve coffee cups have a notorious reputation for being wasteful and destructive of our planet. Even with more eco-friendly designs, millions upon millions of old K-Cups end up in landfills each year. 

This is what drove us to create recyclable Death Cups, but you can also re-use your single serve cups for other projects. So how can you keep your K-Cups out of a landfill without sacrificing your morning routine? By turning these little cups into plant seed starters. 

What you'll need: 

  • Used K-Cups
  • Sharpie 
  • Potting soil
  • A flat box
  • Seeds 
  • Spray bottle

Step 1: Dump contents and rinse

Cut the top of your used K-Cup off and dump out the coffee (or tea) grounds. Remember — you can use the coffee grounds in your garden! Keep the mesh inside each K-Cup, as this will help drain the soil without letting it leak. 

Step 2: Label your K-Cups

Label each K-Cup with the type of seed you plan on filling it with. This will help keep you organized when you eventually move the starter seeds out to bigger pots. 

Step 3: Prepare K-Cups in a large, flat box or container

Take a large, flat container — made out of cardboard, aluminum, plastic, or whatever else you can find — and place the K-Cups inside. Fill it with as many as you want. 

Step 4: Add potting soil and seeds

Take your potting soil of choice and scoop it into each K-Cup. Then, it's simple — add 2 or 3 seeds and cover with soil! Put the seeds about 1/8 of an inch in the soil so they're just covered.

Step 5: Water

Using the spray bottle, water your K-Cups. Make sure not to use too much, as water can disturb the seeds. Water each so the soil is most but not overly saturated (If water isn't being completely absorbed, you've used too much).

Step 6: Cover 

Cover your tray of K-Cups with a lid or plastic wrap to lock moisture in. Once you start seeing sprouts, take the plastic wrap off and make sure to continually water as needed! 

Once your plants start growing more, make a plan to transfer them into bigger pots in your garden. You can start growing all kinds of plants in K-Cups — including clover, peas, cilantro, chives, basil, and more. 

Using K-Cups as plant seed starters are just one way to become a more sustainable coffee drinker. Your garden will be sprouting in no time! 

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