“You don’t stay down." Jim Sweeney talks about his NFL, coaching career

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Former NFL center and guard discusses coaching career

By Angela Garrity, Guest blogger

Jim Croce warned everyone in the 70’s to “Don’t Mess Around with Jim” and in this episode of Fueled by Death Cast, Jeff gets NY Jets Jim Sweeney ‘on the clock’ in speaking about coaching with his career. 

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Chicago Bears are showing playing an NFL game in the 1990s

The former Center and Guard who dedicated 16 seasons to the National Football League, is very particular when it comes to being on the field and being involved in the game he loves. Ask anyone who has worked with him during his tenure with the Jets, Seahawks, Steelers, South Fayette High School, or perhaps in his current role as Offensive Line Coach for the University at Albany Great Danes.

“I will actually show my kids plays at times about how I want things done,” Sweeney said. There is a lesson here – it’s about playing and being in wholeheartedly in it. 

“There was a play I had against Mike Singletary on Monday Night Football where I just drove him about 10 yards and dumped him. But I also showed them plays where John Offerdahl knocked me on my can, too.”

That’s right, Jim. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose.

“What you don’t do is, you don’t stay down,” Sweeney instills into his team. Life is full of fumbles, after all.

The veteran coach continues to be a mentor both on and off the field with safety as his priority.

“There’s a reason why kids commit to Albany. I take it as a personal responsibility that they’re going to walk out of there with a degree. The keyword is walk. I’m going to coach them hard, I’m going to coach them the way I want, because I think they’ll have success at it."

Tackling life’s accomplishments one play at a time is what Sweeney does best in his role as a natural cadence leader.

“When you instruct them and you teach them and mold them how to do certain blocks, and when they do it and they do it right and they turn and look at you and say ‘Got it. See, I wouldn’t lie to you.’”

For more about Sweeney, who is also the father of our content manager Shannon, check out Fueled by Death Cast Episode 142. That gridiron of possibility is looking good.


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