Jason Mraz visits Death Wish Coffee warehouse

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Jason Mraz roasts coffee at Death Wish facility in Round Lake

In addition to his music career, Jason Mraz stays busy operating one of only coffee farms in California — in the entire state, there are just 30 coffee farms. On his farm in Oceanside, he grows coffee plants, avocados, different types of fruits — so it was only natural that we wanted him to pay us a visit and drink some Death Wish Coffee when we found out he was coming to town. 

Jason and some of his team toured our production facility in Round Lake and even roasted some Colombian coffee. We held a cupping session with him so he could taste the flavor notes in coffee beans from around the world.

He also tasted some cold brew samples, met members of our team, and talked about why he decided to get into farming and specifically, coffee farming. We'll go more into detail about that next week on the blog! 

Above, Jason Mraz samples coffees from all over the world during a cupping session. During a cupping session, you can compare the aromas and flavor notes of the blend. That way, you can compare different roasts and their flavors.

Thanks to Jason Mraz and his team for coming to visit us! 

Stay tuned — we'll have more on his visit up soon!

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