Here's what we're releasing in January 2020

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Death Wish Coffee January 2020 mug and merch releases

2020 is here, and I promise I'm not about to make a joke about 20/20 vision. We're starting this year off as strong as your morning cup of joe, starting with some killer merch releases.

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A close-up of a person holding a Death Wish 2020 ceramic mug, which is in a black glaze and includes a skull and crossbones logo

Or, if you're looking for early access to mug releases, consider signing up for a recurring coffee subscription, where you get a 15-20% discount, early access to mug releases, and coffee automatically delivered to your door on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. Let's be honest, your number one 2020 resolution should be to never run out of coffee — and a coffee subscription will help you achieve that almost immediately. 

A photo of three shelves lined with 2020 Death Wish Coffee mugs in a matte black glaze

2020 Death Wish ceramic mug 

This matte black 2020 mug shows our skull and crossbones logo, and is in a brand new mug style from Deneen Pottery called "The Judge." We're starting 2020 strong with this brand new, never-been-done-before mug design, which holds 14-plus ounces and is in a matte black glaze.

A product shot of a black and white Death Wish Coffee lanyard


Forget my keys? Psh, forget about it. Never lose your keys again with this Death Wish Coffee lanyard. This lanyard includes both our skull and crossbones logo and our horizontal logo.

A product shot of a long-sleeve black T-shirt that includes "DW" logos on the sleeves and a logo on the front that depicts a skull wearing a helmet on the front that says "Fueled by Death"

Fueled by Death Longsleeve T-Shirt

Our next T-shirt features our Fueled by Death logo and our monogram logo printed on the sleeves. No matter where you go, this T-shirt will show others that you're fueled by death (and coffee, obviously) — and that you're getting out there each and every day to do what you love. 

A close up of someone holding a red ceramic mug called "Eternal Embrace" that depicts the Lovers of Valdaro, two skeletons that were found buried together

Valentine's Day Mug 

Our Eternal Embrace mug depicts the Lovers of Valdaro, a pair of human skeletons discovered in 2007 and dated as far back as 6,000 years. This mug is in a red glaze with a black backfill and shows that love still exists even in death. Give this to a loved one this Valentine's day to show your love for them is eternal, and stay tuned for more information on the Lovers of Valdaro.

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